Sunday, 23 May 2010

(very nearly) naff all

If you've wondered why I haven't posted in 3 or so weeks it's because there has been virtually NOTHING to write about.
Whinchat at Canons Farm; one of the only highlights over the past weeks, even this wasn't new in any way

I've been on one or two minor twitches and failed and done a lot of patch watching for little reward while my Canon colleagues have been getting some good birds.

Finding another Whinchat and a couple of Red Kites at Canons have been the biggest highs over the past weeks as well as stumbling upon a nice pair of Nightingales while dipping in Sussex, but there has certainly been nothing to write home about.

I suppose the most interesting thing has been this female White Wagtail at Canons Farm which has paired up with a male yarrellii and because of its daily routine I guess is probably on eggs.