Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Barn to ash

The Barn Owl was spotted roosting in an ash tree at the border or Harrier Field and Broadfield this afternoon by Nigel Sluman shortly after I arrived - usually roosting in the barns this was a unique viewing opportunity not to be missed. The bird showed superbly at 25-ft range in the open at the entrance to a hollow in the tree in the bright sunshine, just before the clouds went in. It left the roost at 5.54pm and hunted the Watchpoint field, then Harrier Field, then around Lunch Wood. The four of us there ran around like headless chickens when it was hunting, trying to best intercept it for photographs. It turned out that when we left a good place to wait for it to come to us, it flew straight there but I managed a couple of record flight shots nonetheless! I'm hoping to get further opportunities for the money shot of it flying at close range in decent light soon. Also finally heard my first patch Tawny Owl of the year in the evening and a couple of Woodcocks flying about.