Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Canons Farm, 26th April 2017

I had some work to finish off this morning so only headed to the patch just before lunchtime, expecting to just do a quick round in the cold winds before heading to the shelter of the hide at Beddington. During migration periods, it is customary to check Slangs, a sunken gravel bridleway bordered by one of the farm's only healthy hedgerows, and as I started through the gate there my ear caught a Lesser Whitethroat singing further down. It turned out to be a bit of a skulker, of course, but did come out in the open for a couple of minutes at one point. This species can be quite scarce in some years so I was pretty chuffed. Just as I was heading back to the car, Paul M appeared on the lane so we headed back down to take another look at the whitethroat and while waiting for it to show, a Yellow Wagtail called overhead but things got even better when a cronking sound and calls from mobbing corvids had us running to the nearest clear spot to see a Raven being escorted off site by local Carrion Crows. Three good patch year ticks in one place! A Red Kite, or perhaps two, flew over, as did two Canada Geese and six Swallows.

♂ Lesser Whitethroat