Saturday, 18 September 2010

This Wryneck does not have a tragic ending

I've always been interested in the sightings from Wanstead, the habitat reminds me of some parts of my local area and it's interesting to compare. Needing Wryneck for London, I had a good excuse to head up there today. I took the train from Sutton to Victoria then got the tube to Wanstead, changing at Oxford Circus, before getting the bus to Wanstead Flats.

I found my way to Alexandra Pond and joined the three or four birders present, including finder Nick Croft. After getting frustratingly brief flight views as the bird startled, we split up to locate the bird again. As I got up from tying my laces some movement on the ground caught my eye - it was the Wryneck and it was showing superbly! I called the others over, and we all enjoyed great views, much to everybody's relief. I'm very fond of birds with cryptic plumage, especially Wrynecks, and it was great to get one in London.

London 197