Sunday, 28 February 2010

Finchley Waxwing

It's not been a bad weekend. Today I got excellent views of the Waxwing depicted above in Finchley. A nice London tick, it was incredibly tame and easy-to-twitch, as soon as I parked I was onto it. It was inactive a lot of the time, sitting atop a tall tree digesting the berries it had just consumed. I saw it feeding for a short while once in the small bush in front of the Total station (apparently the only berry bush in the area, and it didn't have many berries on, lots of those that were there were rotten!)

Yesterday wasn't bad either, it's not at all exciting for anyone outside the patch but I found an Egyptian Goose and 5 Greylag Geese . . . both species have never been recorded at Canon's Farm and Banstead Woods before! Pheasant was also a patch tick for me. 2 Stonechats and a female Brambling were also present with a good supporting cast.
Egyptian Goose


male Stonechat