Monday, 14 June 2010

So close!

With my Geography exam done and dusted by 10.30am I rushed out of school to twitch the Tottenham Marshes Common Rosefinch by rail, underground and taxi; the journey went relatively smoothly and only cost me £12.90 in total.

Upon arrival I found a group of about 15 birders so was hopeful that the bird would be located, however it was a long wait before the bird sang, this could be heard clearly enough but the darn thing just wouldn't show. I stayed for four or five hours while the bird sang on and off, at one point in a bush right in front of me. During a downpour I sheltered outside a canal-side building unaware that anyone else was bothering to look for the bird in the rain when it surely wouldn't show but to my frustration Nick Tanner and Des McKenzie walked past saying they'd just had the bird in flight. I stayed for quite a while longer but gave up after a while because time was getting on and it was still windy and cold, getting home again by public transport.

I'm having another go tomorrow afternoon if it's still around.