Sunday 12 December 2010

weekend so so

Marsh Tit

Another weekend packed full of birding, with mixed results. Yesterday at the patch wasn't too bad with a Golden Plover and a showy Marsh Tit that Roy Weller managed to twitch. Today was very frustrating; this morning I was approaching Lunch Wood (with the sun strongly in my eyes) and I didn't notice a large gathering of Thrushes and Starlings until I flushed them. Amongst all the commotion the unmistakable bell-like call of a Waxwing pierced through the air and sounded very close but with the light and everything flying everywhere I could not get on the damn thing.

Golden Plover

I only life tick for any region or place if I see the bird and this is the first time that a predicament such as this has gone unresolved and it hurt, I've spent a lot of time specifically looking for Waxwings at the patch lately and this one got me unprepared. There's plenty of time to get one though, so fingers crossed.

I then went to Amberley Wild Brooks, West Sussex where I missed the White-tailed Eagle by five minutes, heard that unmistakable ringing again and immediately got onto twenty Waxwings flying north east; it's funny how this game works.