Friday, 18 February 2011

Lovely dovey

Johnny Allan picked me up this morning and we headed for Chipping Norton, with the intent of catching the dove early in the morning. First news was offputting, with the bird having appeared briefly then flown off, but just after a fairly major navigational cock-up on our part it was said to be showing in the garden and access had been arranged at number 41.

On arrival the situation was unclear, people were saying that the bird was still in the garden but everyone was just casually floating around and no queue was forming. The word then got out that it was viewable from a garden not far away, where access had also been allowed, and I got a quick look at the RUFOUS TURTLE DOVE through someone's scope, however it was an anxious wait for better views. Johnny then picked it up and, after a long time looking in the wrong direction and a bit of pushing and shoving, I got much better and longer views of the bird sat right out in the open. Top stuff. We then made our way back and I'm now enjoying a lazy afternoon in.