Friday, 4 March 2011

Golden day

Golden Plovers


Apologies for further 'blurry' photos, I know they haven't been reaching the lofty heights of some's expectations from a spare 300mm lens. It was one of those days today (in a good way). Two minutes after getting off the bus in Banstead, early in the morning, I was watching a Waxwing which stayed atop a pine for a few minutes before flying off (unfortunately not in the CFBW recording area).

Canada Goose


When I got to the 'Watchpoint' at Canons it was still overcast but soon the sky brightened hugely, it started warming up and birds started appearing with Canada Goose, Cormorant (both patch year ticks, don't laugh), two Mallards and a Grey Heron in the short window before a blanket of cloud cut off the warmth and light again. But it wasn't over. I picked up three birds heading north north east with my naked eye and instantly knew they were Golden Plovers, so got the camera on them. I noticed in my viewfinder another birds slightly further back, also a Goldie, making four birds.

Common Buzzard

I then walked the Farm and the Woods but this produced little. Norm and Whitey the Common Buzzards started to get up when the sun shone in the afternoon but I didn't manage a Red Kite before it was time to head home.


Patch year ticks today in consequtive order: Canada Goose, Cormorant, Golden Plover
Patch year list: 63 (four ahead of this time last year)