Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Grey day

Grey was the theme of today at Canons Farm, in terms of weather and birds. I got two quality patch year ticks, Greylag and Grey Wag, the names of which compliment eachother nicely. That's the tenth and third patch records respectively (all previous records for both are from last year).

Things quietened down and I got bored and started photographing the gulls moving up the valley, presumably to Beddington. When I looked at my camera I realised that I had captured what looked to be an interesting gull (weakly continuing the grey theme), potentially an adult Yellow-legged. Upon further scrutiny it's just given me a headache. The upperparts appear darker in some photos than in others and in some photos the underneath of the flight feathers are quite dark, recalling Lesser Black-backed; whereas in others it appears to have a more Herring Gull-esque underwing. In some photos the wingtip pattern looks quite good for Yellow-legged too, but, again, not in others. Have I captured two separate birds or is this all a trick of the light? I'm utterly baffled. At the moment I'm erring on the side of a pale graellsii Lesser Black-backed Gull.

Enjoy (Make sure you look at all the pictures to get the full idea):