Sunday 27 March 2011

No migrants here . . .

Woodcock flying across Loony Field

Still no Red Kite, Wheatear or Sand Martin at Canons for me . . . not even a Blackcap (had two at Epsom Downs, though)! Bloody annoying to be honest. Beddington and Holmethorpe were doing well today and I got naff all. I do never tire of the Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers though, the day is always made by these jewels. Today Ian and I had the fortune of observing the pair mating! My first Woodcock seen during the daytime without me having flushed it was the other highlight - and allowed me to get my first ever photographs of this species.

the Circle Field male Lesser Spot from Friday

a Blackcap, but not at Canons . . .

P.S. just totted up my British year list and it's on 149, that's not having chased anything just because I need it for the year as I don't fancy going through all that again!