Friday, 22 April 2011

Nightmare come true

I have wondered what I would do if a white-winged gull were to fly over my patch. Panic and try to get a photo has always been my conclusion - I only managed to do the former when the scenario came to life this morning. The bird was with Herring Gulls, appeared to be an immature-type and was heading towards Holmethorpe. The light was not brilliant and it was flying away from me but the white primaries showed up brilliantly even with the naked eye! It could well have been, and most likely was, a leucistic or aberrant Herring Gull but the possibility of something better remained extant, so the best I could do was to alert locals that there might just be a Glauc/Iceland knocking about. There often seems to be a passage of these species at this time of year but equally there are at least a couple of known pale jobs causing problems, too. If I had spotted the flock as they were coming on I'd have had time for a photo. Very annoying!