Sunday, 31 July 2011

Woodthat Shrike stick around?

I've dipped a couple of these in the past. Just this year, Ian and I were half way to Essex for one when it came through that it had been gobbled by a troublesome Sprawk - after I went on about it being in the bag and practically ticked already.

I was saying the same thing to Ian today, thinking I could not be wrong this time, but news from departing birders as we arrived that the Shrike had been driven into hiding by some twit photographer made me think I perhaps ought to stop tempting fate.

It wasn't feeling good for the first five minutes - but then the Woodchat Shrike showed. Yay I was right! All twitch attendees were happy from then on. I was very happy as it was a pretty bird and a new tick on my list. Also, it means that I no longer have to feel silly having Brown and Isabelline Shrikes on my list while only having two of the three 'common' Lanius visitors to Britain.

Britain List List 311