Saturday, 27 August 2011

Ranmore Wryneck

When the pager bleeped with news of a Wryneck at Ranmore Common today I thought I ought to give it a go but considered it likely to be an unco-operative one. I was right; it was the best part of an hour until I got any sort of view of the bird as it crept through a bush, closely hugging its perch. After it stopped moving I lost it, Wrynecks can practically vanish if they wish; I remember the bird I dipped at Beddington that was in a small area of bushes but after being ringed and released could not be found at all.

An hour or so later the bird was on show, much better this time, at close range in a small and open bush. A very nice bird and a Surrey tick but its just out of my local listing area. Cryptic-plumaged species such as Wryneck, Woodcock and Nightjar are favourites of mine. While Hoopoes are like big butterflies, Wrynecks are akin to a large moth. I must tot up my Surrey list soon, I know its in the pathetic region of 170-180. Well done to Sean Foote on a spiffing discovery.