Monday, 15 August 2011

Warbler's Haven

Subalpine Warbler

Recently I've been catching up with a handful of reasonably 'common' vagrants/overshoots that I've previously had bad luck with. I didn't think the male Subalpine Warbler at Holland Haven would be on the cards today, on account of it only being seen briefly yesterday, but it came through on the pager again this morning and I convinced Phil to go. My Subalpine Warbler 'horror' story involves what must have totalled the best part of ten hours walking up and down a track on Scilly over two days, only to turn a corner and be greeted by a couple of birders who told me I'd just walked right by it and flushed it! Fortunately, this bird gave itself up. It showed (albeit in short and irregular bursts) by the car park almost as soon as we got there. Ian 'Eagle' was already on site.

Yesterday Phil and I enjoyed splendid views of one Banstead Woods' juvenile Hobbies while a parent watched a bit more distantly. Hoping for a Spot Fly any day now.

juvenile Hobby - Banstead Woods

Britain Life List: 312