Saturday 24 March 2012

Runaway Red-leg

Red-legged Partridge
On arrival at the patch this morning I heard what sounded like a Red-legged Partridge straight away - I thought I was probably hearing things but had a scan just in case and there was indeed one sat there calling away! This is only the third record in five years so quite a patch rarity. Roy came over straight away, having missed last year's; he's on 99 for CFBW now. After he left, the thing suddenly ran like the wind across the field, crossed the Reads Rest Lane and entered Harrier Field. I went over to try to relocate it but inadvertently flushed it as I approached a gap in the hedge and it flew towards Broadfield where the wheat is high enough now to make it almost impossible to find a partridge in that. PGo and Cliff had a go but couldn't see through the wheat. Also a couple of Greylags over, about the same time, and the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker calling at Banstead Woods. The day ended well with a Common Snipe calling just after 7.00pm.