Saturday 21 April 2012

Pied finally spied

male Pied Flycatcher at Pages Acre today
After a gap of 35 years, a Pied Flycatcher was seen today at CFBW. Found by Paul Goodman in exactly the same spot as last year's Wood Warbler, this bird showed well for most people who rushed up before dark. It was a beautiful male and is a true patch mega... a very sought-after one at that. What a smart bird: absolutely pristine! The general feeling is that these probably pass through reasonably regularly but it's a needle in a haystack job trying to find one. Paul is earning a reputation as a flycatcher-catcher, finding this bird and the group of Spotted Flys last autumn.

'Pinchy' the original male Ring Ouzel remained today, pleasing the 33 attendees of the CFBW Bird Group Spring Migration Walk. They were also pleased to see a Wheatear and a pair of Little Owls among other things. On Sunday and Monday, four Ring Ouzels were present on the farm, with Pinchy near Reads Rest and three at Tart's Field. From Sunday morning to late morning on Tuesday, an immaculate female Golden Plover in summer plumage showed well in the fields south of Reads Rest Cottages before flying high east.

Golden Plover (Sunday)

Fieldfares are clinging on: half a dozen were at Poultry Field today.

Beddington's not treated me so well. I've dipped four times in the last fortnight, missing Brent Goose today and recently hearing but not seeing a Grey Plover depart; missing a Little Tern by less than half an hour and not hearing a Nightingale!

Pinchy the Ring Ouzel with the Golden Plover (Sunday)
The other three Ring Ouzels (Sunday)