Monday, 9 July 2012

An uncommon Common Tern

Common Tern. Still can't edit/convert pics from my new camera to put on here so still waiting on shots from the weekend, I only managed to get this one on by taking a screenshot of the pic in my image viewer program
I haven't been getting much sleep lately and had to stay up late again last night so waited till late morning before I doddled over to the patch. On arrival, it looked like there was a reasonable amount of settled rainwater following the recent persistent precipitation so I went straight to Bog Field to see if any wader habitat had been created. Viewing the 'Main Pool' which goes in and out of existence is now very difficult because of growing crops and hedgerows but I couldn't see anything upon a quick look. Just to make sure, I clapped my hands once and immediately heard what sounded like a Green Sandpiper call once. Sh*t! I had a massive hedge in front of me and couldn't see anything. That was it, gone, not heard again or seen. I'm 95% sure it must have been a Green Sand but I'd want to hear it call clearly at least a couple of times to put down this significant record in the books and I'd want a visual to tick it.

Pretty miffed, I started down the lane. I had barely got beyond Canons Farmhouse when I picked up what I instantly recognised as a tern flying south-south-west. I didn't manage to get a firm ID on a 'Commic' Tern I had last May so didn't want to balls up on this opportunity too... I didn't... phew, a Common Tern bagged and photographed! Being a dry site any tern is a real mega and a very good bird to get under the belt. I soon forgot about the probable Green Sand, but not for long; I gave it a couple of hours for the bird to hopefully return but I had no such luck. I'm sure I'll get another stab at one before long.