Sunday, 14 April 2013

No longer Green with envy

One of my most painful misses at the patch last year was Roy's Green Sandpiper - he had it in Bog Field on the deck but by the time I rushed there from college it had flown off. Today I'd already found a gorgeous and unexpected male Cuckoo and three House Martins and seen a Willow Warbler that P-Go had found (all patch year-ticks, the first a valuable one) when Graham Cole, who I'd been walking with, checked the Bog Field rainwater pool once more and said 'Well, there's something interesting on the right hand side' - I didn't know how high to raise my expectations but scoped where he was pointing and blow me there was a Green Sandpiper! The second for the patch and totally unexpected - it was super to see a proper wetland wader actually wading on the patch and quite out of context. Particularly amazing so soon after the Dunlin nearly pitched down the other day. Ian and P-Go managed to twitch it before a Magpie saw it off, no more than twenty minutes after it was first seen! I managed two more year-ticks after this, Blackcap and more importantly Sand Martin which is a regular but not common passage migrant at CFBW. A brilliant end to my Easter break!

Green Sandpiper (!)
Willow Warbler