Wednesday 12 February 2014

Ross's Gull dip

Following the success of the Myrtle Warbler, I was excited to continue the good run with the Ross's Gull in Glamorgan. Unfortunately, I didn't think to check the weather forecast before setting off and it turned out to be a day of violent weather. The first part of the morning was just about 'calm' enough to search for the bird but conditions worsened and we called it a day around lunchtime, with only Colin having seen the bird (while I was looking the other way!). Oh well, it doesn't work out every time... Six Little Gulls, an adult Mediterranean Gull and a handful of Kittiwakes did put on a pretty good show as they tackled the wind off the end of Jackstone Pier, but they couldn't be fully enjoyed with hail hurtling into my face at 80kmh; four Purple Sandpipers and a Guillemot were also present.

Adult Little Gull