Sunday 4 June 2017

Banstead Woods and Beddington Farmlands, 4th June 2017

I sauntered around the east side of the Banstead Woods recording sector early this afternoon in the hope of catching up with some butterflies, a group which I have shamefully neglected so far this year. I've not seen anything other than the usual common species and figured it was about time I saw at least a Green Hairstreak, a Dingy or a Grizzled Skipper. Alas, the wind was stopping anything from really showing.

In the evening, Kojak and I headed to Hundred Acre to do some maintenance on our ringing sub-site and put just one sheltered net up, catching seven birds in a couple of hours, including three new Reed Warblers. Perhaps 400 Swifts swarmed around the site as we were leaving and other notables included three Egyptian Geese and a Grey Wagtail, not to mention the Kingfisher that shot within inches of my face - my first on the site for a little while!

adult ♂ Kestrel at Banstead Woods