Wednesday 5 July 2017

Canons Farm, Banstead Woods and Beddington Farmlands, 29th June - 5th July 2017

I do love walking the sludge lagoons of Beddington at this time of year. The returning Green and Common Sandpipers offer hope of scarcer returning waders, though I seldom come across anything unusual. This does not matter, however, as an evening stroll resounding with these characterful waders' calls is more than satisfactory. I've noted a single Common Sandpiper on the South Lake on both Monday and Tuesday, while Green Sandpipers peaked at seven on Jim's Pit on Monday. Little Ringed Plovers have also featured, with four (including a juvenile), last Friday being my highest count. Dispersing, presumably juvenile, Kingfishers are now something to look out for and the species featured on my visits on Friday and Sunday. Two Little Egrets were a pleasant surprise last Friday, too, and a singleton was on the main lake on Monday, when a Cetti's Warbler was calling by the hide (these have been rather mute of late). A Red Kite flew over the site on Tuesday.

It's also that time when the gull flocks contain fresh interest and it is fortunate that residents of the borough of Sutton cannot be arsed to sort their food waste as there are still hordes of Larids at Beddington. The main target as June hands over to July is juvenile Yellow-legged Gull - so far, the only juvenile gulls I have picked out have been two Lesser Black-backeds on yesterday but I was pleased to pick out a 2cy YLG then. Great Black-backed Gulls have also featured, with an adult on Monday and a 2cy yesterday.

I guess I have somewhat neglected the main patch of CFBW this week but a birthday stroll there last Thursday produced a Red Kite over the farm. On Saturday, I connected with my 35th species of butterfly thanks to the recently discovered colony of White-letter Hairstreaks in Banstead Woods. These were my first examples of the species since I stumbled upon one by the bridge in my village, Belmont, a few years ago, before I was particularly interested in butterfly identification. My Saturday visit was also worthwhile for the unseasonable Meadow Pipit which was singing by Broadfield.

Red Kite at Canons Farm last Thursday
one of at least four White-letter Hairstreaks at Banstead Woods on Saturday, my 35th patch butterfly species
a bit of a random Meadow Pipit at Canons Farm on Saturday
Swallow at Canons Farm on Saturday
juvenile Song Thrush at Beddington on Sunday
Green Sandpiper at Beddington on Sunday
Little Egret at Beddington on Monday
adult Great Black-backed Gull at Beddington on Monday
Common Sandpiper at Beddington on Monday
2cy Yellow-legged Gull at Beddington yesterday
juvenile Lesser Black-backed Gull at Beddington yesterday
Gatekeeper at Beddington yesterday, my first of the year