Friday 7 July 2017

Polgigga, 7th July 2017

Setting off just before midnight, I picked up Magnus A and Ed S then pointed the car in the direction of Land's End. We arrived at around 6am as positive news came through and joined the assembling crowd along a public footpath through a pasture, scopes fixed on the first-summer female AMUR FALCON. It didn't do a whole lot while we were there, other than look a little forlorn at that hour and coughing up three pellets. Other birds around included a Raven and a tireless singing Sedge Warbler. After soaking it in for an hour or so, we headed back to get back home in good time. It was a good plan as the return was a nightmare and I only arrived home at 17:50. Thanks very much to Ed and Mag for keeping me going on the numbing drive, as well as two Corn Buntings heard singing as we crawled east through Salisbury Plan!

2cy ♀ Amur Falcon at Polgigga