Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Beddington Farmlands, 9th August 2017

With a news shift today, I was both happy with a good excuse to be sitting in, safe from the drizzle, and wondering what the conditions might be depositing at my local patches. Mid-morning, news broke of an adult Sabine's Gull on the North Lake at Beddington and suddenly I knew where I wanted to be! Luckily and thankfully, Josh was able to take over the shift for a little while and I made the mad dash to Beddington. The traffic was frustratingly slow on the normally short journey but I managed about 20-minutes admiring this most elegant pelagic species on the South Lake with a few other local birders. Three Common Sandpipers were also around the South Lake.

actually only my second Sabine's Gull, my only other record being in Avon in 2011; of course, this therefore constitutes a Surrey, London, local area and Beddington tick