Friday, 19 January 2018

Leith Hill, Carshalton Ponds and Beddington Farmlands

A fine morning spent on Leith Hill with Christian C and Linda M featured a Woodlark and a Woodcock of note. Other than a small number of Siskins, the site was sadly devoid of any of its usual 'good' finches. On the way to Beddington to show David D-L around, I clocked two Egyptian Geese at Carshalton Ponds. Teaming up with David, and with the pleasant surprise of bumping into Koje, we scoured the side of the landfill for the Twite - as much to reassure myself of its continued presence ahead of tomorrow's organised twitch as for David to see it - and just as we were losing hope it flew high over our heads, calling. Otherwise, three Snipe, a Shelduck and a Meadow Pipit were the only birds of particular note.