Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Banstead Woods, Canons Farm and Beddington Farmlands

I started at Banstead Woods, hoping for better views of Hawfinches. To my delight, three showed well at distance in the beech trees at the back of Coneyboro Hill. A Grey Heron flew over, too. I joined Geoff B for a stroll around Canons Farm, the highlights being two Little Owls 17 Skylarks, 80 Linnets and a Mallard. Common Gulls have been extremely thin on the ground here this winter, so one was notable.

Hawfinch at Coneyboro Hill

Joining Peter A and Kevin G at Beddington in the afternoon, a 2CY and a 3CY Caspian Gull showed on the North Lake. A 2CY Glaucous Gull flew through. Two interesting Aythya hybrids were also there, including one which looked quite like a Ferruginous Duck superficially, and a brief drake which was probably a Tufted Duck x Pochard. Other birds noted included two Egyptian Geese, two Shelducks, a Water Rail and a Reed Bunting.

3CY Caspian Gull

2CY Caspian Gull