Friday, 23 March 2018

Goring and journey to Wigan

Ahead of a journey to Wigan with Ingrid for the Catfish Study Group Convention, I headed out to Goring early but was met with poor visibility and dreadful weather so returned home. It became nicer later, and with some mouldy bread in need of disposal, we departed via the Gap to donate to the local gulls. I was amazed to spot the 2CY Iceland Gull in flight before we'd crossed driven through the Plantation and into the Gap and we tracked it into the northern fields, meeting up with Nick B. Hear it showed very well and enjoyed our stale loaf before we made tracks. En route we encountered over 20 Red Kites, mainly along the M40 but included a singleton over the M25 in line with Staines Moor.

2CY Iceland Gull