Saturday, 19 May 2018

Beddington Park and Beddington Farmlands

A lazy watch from the Beddington bunker with Kojak, Peter A, Glenn J, Dave S and Nick G... The best was saved till last when a Raven plonked onto the landfill, rather amusingly pursued by just one Carrion Crow. I never saw any of the early 21st Century Ravens here but I am told they caused absolute mayhem among the local birds. The corvids and gulls must have grown used to them in the area now! A female Pintail on the South Lake was unexpected, as was a fly-through Ringed Plover. I noted 11 Buzzards and 12 Swallows, as well as a Shelduck, two Pochards, two Reed Warblers, a Reed Bunting, two Cetti's Warblers, a Skylark, 11 Swifts, three Great Black-backed Gulls and three Egyptian Geese of note.

The walk through Beddington Park featured a Nuthatch and a fly-over Buzzard.

female Pintail at Beddington Farmlands