Sunday, 3 June 2018


Well things came good today. While dismounting my bike on the way back home from the Gap, a rather abrupt and gruff starling call made me look up, only to see a Rosy Starling fly directly overhead as it headed east, directly towards my house! Luckily I hadn't packed my binoculars away so got a good 10 seconds or so viewing before I lost it behind the buildings towards Grand Avenue. All that scanning of Starling flocks lately and it happens at such a random moment! I felt as though the bird was 'in the area' and not powering through - it looked as though it thought about landing a couple of times but carried on - so I'll keep an eye out for it over the next few days.

Earlier at the Gap I logged an eastbound flock of five Gadwall, 11 Gannets, a Swallow, a 2CY Mediterranean Gull, two Black-headed Gulls, two Sandwich Terns, two Little Egrets and an Oystercatcher.