Thursday 11 June 2020

Beeding Hill and Adur Estuary

I set off on my bike at about 4.30am and enjoyed a slow and steady cycle along the seafront then up the River Adur to Beeding Hill. About half way, my handlebar started coming loose and required constant readjustment. Thankfully I made it to the foot of Beeding Hill so I decided to worry about seeing the Red-foot, not about the eight miles I'd be walking my bike back home. Walking up the hill, I was greeted by the sight of Matt Eade and Mark Leitch at the car park. Mark had apparently driven past me earlier and on hearing my cycling woes donated to me his allen key set and this turned out to save my day, so thanks Mark!

To my relief the 2cy male Red-footed Falcon was immediately on view when we reached the right spot and hunted continuously, hovering alongside a Kestrel and a couple of Buzzards, throughout the hour or so I stayed. A couple of times it briefly alighted on the fence line. What a bird for the local area! Aside from a few Corn Buntings, a Stonechat, a Swallow and a Yellowhammer there was little else.

2cy male Red-footed Falcon at Beeding Hill

2cy male Red-footed Falcon at Beeding Hill

Cycling back along the Adur produced five Little Egrets, a Cetti's Warbler, an Oystercatcher, a Grey Heron, four Swifts and seven Mute Swans.