Monday 30 November 2020


While washing up I clocked a female/1st-winter male Black Redstart on the rim of our koi pond just a few feet from the window! It stayed there a few moments as I scrambled for the nearest photographic device then flew to the fence before vanishing. My third ringing tick in the last two days came in the form of a Coal Tit. They often visit our neighbour's conifer and one has started visiting our revamped feeding station - it was a long time coming! I also caught a Wren and a Great Tit. A Grey Wagtail flew over again.

The reason for my very sedentary birding over the last few days is the arrival of our little eight-week old Samoyed puppy, Beni, who obviously requires constant supervision and isn't ready for the big world yet. She'll be my main birding companion soon!