Sunday 18 April 2010

patch joys

Canons Farm works in strange ways: there have been records of all sorts of good London and Surrey birds but not one of Grey Wagtail; I got 5 good patch ticks this weekend but no-one has seen Whitethroat this year.

This weekend has been good for bird movement at the patch with a Lapwing and a Sand Martin yesterday (and a heard-only Yellow Wagtail) and a female Goshawk (found by Kev, 2nd site record), the site's first ever Tree Pipit and a Yellow Wagtail (seen this time) (both found by me). Also 4 Northern Wheatears (3 males), 3 House Martins, a Sand Martin and about 10 Swallows and the site's 2nd ever Egyptian Goose (found by Roy Weller). All in all an excellent weekend, putting me on 78 for the site. Photographed are one of the male Northern Wheatears and the female from today.