Thursday, 16 September 2010

Beddington calls again

Another day and another text from Johnny Allan this time regarding a Pectoral Sandpiper at 100 Acre. This is a good bird for London and Surrey and one that I still hadn't seen in either county so I was off straight after college. Transport wasn't nearly as amazingly convenient as it was yesterday (when a train or bus was simply there whenever I approached a stop or station) and I ended up waiting a ridiculous amount of time for the bus. Even so, I was still enjoying excellent views of the Pectoral Sandpiper on one of the sludge beds, in brilliant light, from 4.30pm.

After enjoying the very smart and fresh bird for a bit too long, I wandered up with Dodge and Kojak to the mound where we got good views of the Lapland Buntings which had returned after apparently departing earlier this morning. A quick check of the enclosed lagoons and I left with Phil, about two hours overdue for dinner at home . . . a good day, thanks for the text John.

My plan for tomorrow is to actually spend some time on my patch, which will make a change from the last week or two when rare birds, trainers, college work and social/family commitments have very frustrating kept me away from my dear Canons Farm (though the most likely outcome is that Beddington will continue its purple patch and I won't be able to resist). Oh the inconveniences of education eating up most of the day again! I am dreading winter - no time at all for patch after college and I'll probably be twitching most weekends.

London 196; local area 154