Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Lap Bunt bagged

Amazingly, Beddington turned up two Lapland Buntings on the deck today. This follows an amazing enough record from earlier in the year of a single that stayed about three days, which I dipped. Naturally, I was very eager to get to see this pair as I still needed it for life and it is also a good London and excellent local area bird. Luckily, my biology teacher let me out of college fifteen minutes early today giving me some crucial extra time. After stopping at home to refuel myself with chocolate and gather my things, I was straight up to Beddington.

Following a bit of trouble finding the right spot I eventually found the area of short vegetation where Johnny Allan had seen the birds. I walked along the edge of this area and soon flushed the two Lapland Buntings. They only flew a few feet but scurried away into the vegetation after that, only showing themselves relatively briefly. When I walked a bit further they flew off properly and I decided to go and check the enclosed lagoons so I didn't put them off for Paul who was on his way.

When Paul arrived we followed the same procedure and the birds had indeed returned. Paul was very happy because he had also spent a lot of time dipping the bird earlier in the year. One bird showed very well this time, including for a long period out in the middle of the track at the side. An excellent bird!

British 284, London 195, local 153. Thanks for texting me about it Johnny!