Monday, 14 March 2011

Canons & Pulborough

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (male can be heard drumming)

Phil asked me yesterday if I fancied a casual trip to Pulborough and I said yes, provided the patch could be given at least a brief check. The highlight was excellent views of the female Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. It was calling and flying between Circle Field and Aberdour School, doing the 'butterfly' display at one point. The male was drumming very close by but I couldn't get a view of it. Three Mallards also flew over.


There wasn't anything special at Pulborough but I really enjoyed just taking in the atmosphere of the gatherings of wildfowl on the floods. A female Peregrine perched in a nearby tree provided the highlight of the outing and the best views I've ever had of one of these birds.


Yesterday's Golden Plover in moving image