Tuesday, 15 March 2011

last horse finally crosses the finish line

male Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

Canons Farm seems to get its first migrants significantly later than pretty much all other local sites. I have no idea why, perhaps it is their last resort. I've been eagerly anticipating the first arrival and today it came, with two CFBW Chiffchaffs singing, rather nicely one at Canons Farm and one at Banstead Woods.

It was great to finally achieve prolonged views of the male Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (shortly after Johnny Allan left, having seen the pair well on something like his fourth attempt) and I managed some video footage for you to enjoy. A surprise came when I inadvertantly flushed about half a dozen female Pheasants in Banstead Woods.

I now learn that a Red Kite flew over Nork, directly towards the patch, shortly after I left . . . grrrr. I've gotta get one soon!