Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Iceland Gulls

second-winter Iceland Gull
first-winter Iceland Gull

Monday mornings are a bit of a mess for me and currently involve a compulsory 'Tutorial' lesson first thing - any college student will know that this means being called in to either be told that you're not needed and may as well have slept in, or be exposed to a load of utterly neutral non-achieving naff all cack (usually some nonsense like 'let's get into groups and discuss what is British about these pictures...') and then be sent off - then a big gap, part of which is being filled by my weekly driving lesson, before I finally get to the two lessons of the day. I'm using the remaining part of this gap to spend a little time each week at Beddington.

So, yesterday I took advantage of the said situation and spent a couple of hours at the 'Bog Dump' with Johnny, Garry and 'Prof'. No luck had been had by the others in their first four hours on site and I started to think I might be in for a bit of a duffy but then two Iceland Gulls (one of the second-winters that has been knocking around and a new bird, a first-winter) appeared and performed well. A big pale-winged northern Herring Gull was of interest, too. Also managed to scope one of the resident Peregrines in Sutton distantly.

northern Herring Gull