Saturday 4 February 2012

Paddy power

Just got back from an enjoyable day with Ian twitching the Parrot Crossbill at Black Down NT and PADDYFIELD WARBLER at Pagham Harbour. Both were successful, as you already know by my bolding up and redding of the birds' names, plus the crappy photos at the top of this post. It was nice seeing a singing Woodlark, about thirty Common Crossbills and a decent number of Siskins at Black Down while Pagham was also notable for a nice selection of saltmarsh birds (including a flock of around two thousand Brent Geese) and Water Rails a plenty. Very glad to get the two target birds out of the way before the deluge of snow.

I know some people aren't entirely convinced that other options haven't been ruled out for the crossbill, but it's on my list for now!

Heading out to Canons now for a bit of the local birding action that's been going on in my area today...