Friday, 11 May 2012


Tawny Owl
Tawny Owlet
I've only ever seen Tawny Owl in the daytime once, and that was at Hyde Park a few years ago. Ever since I started watching CFBW, one of my aims has been to find one in the daytime there, preferably finding a regular roost. I've seen them at night there several times, perched and flying but views are always silhouettes. I've heard them singing and calling in the daytime and pinned them down sometimes to only a couple of possible trees but still not managed to see them. I was doing my check of the Legal & General area early this morning when I heard a rather heavy 'tsip... tsip'. Didn't really know what it was but I looked to my side and saw a funny-shaped lump quite high up in a young tree. I didn't think it was going to be a bird or birds because the shape was very strange... I lifted my bins and found myself gazing at an adult and a juvenile Tawny Owl! I'd finally got a daylight view, when I was least expecting it!

The adult sussed that I'd clocked them and flew a couple of trees back but the owlet continued to show well. I changed angle and when I looked back and saw that the adult had returned while I'd been looking away (allowing me to get the attached shot). It flew again a little later on just because of me moving my head a little too suddenly - this bird was very skittish! Again, the owlet didn't really care. A handful of observers went over to see them throughout the day.

Red-legged Partridge
The Red-legged Partridge continues it's stay, favouring Infront George Field.