Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Lesser Redpoll at last

I was provided a (perhaps final, for this month) patch year tick at The Scrub this afternoon in the form of a fly-over Lesser Redpoll. Normally this isn't anything unusual at the patch but this winter has been the poorest I've known for them. Last winter wasn't great for redpolls either but there were some around. The winter before that was a pretty good year with large flocks wintering (with a small number of Mealies mixed in). Today's is the first patch record since December 17th. As I started to make my way along the footpath through The Scrub and back to the farm to get picked up I inadvertantly spooked a Woodcock which had been resting five feet or so from the path (my second sighting this year of this low-level and elusive, but not uncommon, wintering species at CFBW). Red-leg showed today too.