Saturday, 2 February 2013

Yes, Mallard

It was nice to have a long walk around most of the patch today, some of which was made all the merrier by the company of Steve. P-Go, Ian J, Ian M and Cliff also did the rounds. I did a six mile circuit today, taking in a good sample of the patch. For a February day it was worthwhile. A pair of Mallards (scarce outside of March-early June) on Piddly Pond were a surprise year tick, a Peregrine (always scarce here) circled the south east end of Banstead Woods and a Siskin flew over the Banstead Woods orchard. I also caught sight of George the Red-legged Partridge as I was leaving. He's been quite reliable lately, being seen almost exclusively in Infront George Field.

Piddly Pond gold!