Friday 31 May 2013


At 8.48am this morning, near the Watchpoint at Canons Farm, a funny shape caught my eye very high up. It puzzled me for a while, my impression going from small gull to tern then back to small gull. I managed a couple of record shots with the SLR before trying to get it in the scope but I lost it before I managed to lock onto the bird. My gut reaction was Kittiwake based on the views and looking at the over-exposed RAW files on the back of the camera seemed to support this hypothesis through the neat black tips to the otherwise entirely white (from underneath) wings, and the general shape of the bird. Getting home, I put the pictures on the computer, reduced the exposure and blew them up to reveal some convincing images despite the range. Response on Twitter has added further confirmation that today I had my 121st CFBW bird in the form of an adult Kittiwake!