Monday 26 June 2017

Banstead Woods, Canons Farm and Beddington Farmlands, 26th June 2017

A pleasant walk in perfect weather through Canons Farm, where a Hobby was hunting, took me to Banstead Woods and I managed to connect at last with a Small Blue, my 34th butterfly species at the patch. WoodChips Conservation Volunteers constructed a Kidney Vetch scrape last year, which has swiftly attracted this latest addition to the lepidoptera of Banstead Woods.

Small Blue at Banstead Woods

Kojak and I teamed up for an evening ringing session at Beddington, setting just three nets, including two in experimental positions. One of these proved its worth by catching five juvenile Starlings in one hit, these being among 22 new birds caught, making for one of our most profitable sessions to date!

two of the five juvenile Starlings caught and ringed at Beddington