Sunday, 19 April 2020

West Worthing and Brooklands Park

A Siskin flew over the garden early this morning.

I checked the beach first, where two female Wheatears were on the rocks and six Mediterranean Gulls flew past. A passing jogger stopped and turned out to be Nick Oliver, who'd heard a reeling Grasshopper Warbler near the boardwalk in the park. I instantly made my way there but couldn't hear the bird and, not wanting to loiter, embarked on my usual route. A Yellow Wagtail flew over then surprised me by doubling back and landing in the trees in the southeast corner. A Sedge Warbler and a Reed Warbler were singing, the latter being a local yeartick but only the former glimpsed. I'd lost hope of connecting with the recent Gadwall here but a drake appeared while listening again for the Gropper later (Mike and Karen Galtry had heard it again). Another local yeartick and some level of consolation for the lacking Locustella.

Two pairs of Jays flew together in the same area I saw them doing the same thing on a recent visit. A Mallard had at least 10 ducklings. Other observations included the male Mute Swan (the female presumably unseen on the nest), a Grey Heron, three Lesser Black-backed Gulls, a Sparrowhawk, six Swallows, two singing Cetti's Warblers (one at long last giving decent views), three Willow Warblers, a Grey Wagtail and a singing Goldcrest. A Sandwich Tern flew past as I made my way back to the bike.

female Wheatears on the beach at Brooklands Park

female Yellow Wagtail at Brooklands Park

drake Gadwall at Brooklands Park

2cy Cormorant at Brooklands Park

adult Grey Heron at Brooklands Park

In the evening I heard one of the local Peregrines from the garden then a short while later while passing Manor Lea I saw the male on the west face.

A return to Brooklands in the evening made no further progress with the desired Locustella but a Reed Bunting was singing. Several bats were active too.